Tournament Administration -- Points of Interest

1. Entry fees must be received by the tournament director at least 10 days in advance of the tournament.

2. Due to weather and/or possible unknown reasons, tournament directors may choose to have NO REFUNDS.

3. If a tournament is scheduled with a specific number of teams and one or more teams do not "show" --- there will be NO forfeits. The tournament will be run in accordance to the number of teams participating at that present time.

For example: If a tournament is scheduled to have 5 teams and one team does not attend the tournament , the tournament is no longer considered a 5 team tournament --> it is now declared a 4 team tournament.

4. Format for each tournament will be at each tournament directors' discretion. For example: round robin, 2 out of 3, single elimination, 2 games, etc.

NOTE: Tournament directors are encouraged to inform coaches in advance which format will be used for their event.

5. If several gyms are used to host the same grade division, the tournament must end with OVERALL placing for that specific grade division.

For example: Tournament Director has several gym locations for a 6th grade tournament. The tournament must have a final bracket to determine qualification for the Gold Tournament (please check the qualification for the Gold Tournament according to the number of teams involved).

If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, please contact the Iowa AAU Volleyball Sports Chair Diane Harms for clarification.



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